"When Chuck Norris catches COVID..."
Freedom Unmasked

"When Chuck Norris catches COVID..."

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Being forced to wear a face mask? These masks are designed with your freedom of speech in mind.

This particular mask has a message on each side. Right side: " When Chuck Norris catches COVID.." Left Side: "COVID dies."

Use the drop down box to choose your mask size and color. Font will be exactly as you see it, in either black or white depending on the mask color you choose.

All masks are made out of 2 layers of cotton, and soft ear loop elastic. They will protect you from exactly 0% of viruses.

Adult: 10" wide and 6" high
Teen/Petite: 9" wide and 5 1/2" high
Kids 7-12: 8 1/2'' wide and 5 high
Kids 2-6: 8'' wide and 4 1/2 high

Ear loops are easily adjustable by just snipping the knot and tying to your desired size. Knot is hidden inside mask casing

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