Custom Christmas Ornaments
Freedom Unmasked

Custom Christmas Ornaments

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We can all agree 2020 was a year to remember, and what better way to recall those happy days of quarantine, government overreach, stupidity, Karenwaffe mask brigades, and #SCIENCE than a Christmas ornament. Feel that tender nostalgia as your children and grandchildren ask what the ornament means; put little Timmy on your knee, and tell him the tale of when peace won and Black Lives Matter burned down your business; tell him of evil COVID and it's wily ways, able to infect you while walking to your table at a restaurant, but not while you're sitting at your table; remind little Timmy that you're a veteran of 2020 - You survived murder hornets, BLM, antifa, COVID (Along with 99.96% of the population. Purple hearts for everyone!), the election, tech censorship, and that bizarre Lady Gaga ad for Biden.

Have your own 2020 memory or slogan you'd like on an ornament? No problem! Send us a message, & we will make you a custom one!

Ornament is made of pine and hung with twine. Dimensions roughly 4x4 inches. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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